Q-Tech Communications Security

Facility Security is Crucial During a Disaster

The Q-Tech building has several security measures in place. Upon entering the parking lot, you will pass through card access barrier gates. At the main entrance, you will find a security checkpoint and an iris reader security portal.

Our facility has 24×7 digitally recorded video surveillance of all key interiors locations and the exterior perimeter. Secured doors have both deadbolts and proximity card access readers. Each card is programmed with specific permissions to allow entry only to those doors that the individual has clearance to access. Dedicated suite keys to the deadbolts are only issued to authorized personnel. Thereby, to access a secured space a preauthorized person must have a deadbolt key, card access, and alarm code to access the space.

With regard to data centers, in addition to the proximity card access, biometric access is also required. The biometrics are programmed for those individuals on a strict need to access basis.

The Q-Tech Building has 24×7 monitoring of all crucial systems – life, safety and environmental. The security monitoring includes:

  • Video surveillance of key locations
  • Glass Break
  • Intrusion/Forced Entry
  • Motion
  • Arming and Disarming
  • Early smoke and heat detection
  • Fire
  • Emergency Panic Alarms

When any of the sensors signals the alarm panel, the alarm panel sends notifications to key Q-Tech personnel of the alarm event and will automatically call the central station and they will send out the appropriate emergency response team. With regard to the emergency panic alarms, there are several emergency pull switches throughout the building that will send out an alarm indicator to the central station and emergency response teams will be sent.

Q-Tech Communications Secure Facility
Q-Tech Communications Environmental Monitoring

The environmental alarm panels register the following:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water
  • Power Feeds
  • ATO Transfer Switch
  • Generator
  • UPS System

When any of the sensors signals the environmental panel, the panel sends notifications to key Q-Tech personnel of the alarm event.


Q-Tech Communications secure, high-tech office building is located in Oak Brook, IL. Our Chicagoland facility is an ideal location for Workplace Recovery and Disaster Recovery situations. Located 25 miles outside of downtown Chicago, this site is designed to meet all of your high-tech and security requirements.


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2115 Butterfield Rd
Oak Brook, IL 60523


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