Power & Water Redundancy

Q-Tech Communications Power and Water Redundancy

Multiple Sources For Power & Water

Q-Tech’s Oak Brook facility has two separate power feeds, on two different power grids, which are engineered from two independent power substations, neither of which is servicing the downtown Chicago area.

In the unlikely event that the building completely loses both power feeds, our owned and operated 500kw diesel generator will automatically restore full power to the building. The generator feeder cables have a discreet and separate entrance to the building from utility power feeds. The feeder cables for both the utility and generator are on diverse paths and do not share any conduit leading to the switchgear.

Our generator can be refueled and continue indefinitely. Featuring a 1,000-gallon tank, it can run up to 72 hours before refueling and 60 days without any additional maintenance. Q-Tech has multiple sources for diesel delivery. We even have our own tank and pump to obtain fuel ourselves in the event a vendor can’t make delivery.

Emergency Deep Well Water Supply

It is critical to have water redundancy. The village of Oak Brook’s main water supply is from the Lake Michigan purchased through the DuPage Water Commission. If the water supply is discontinued for whatever reason, Oak Brook has sufficient capacity in emergency deep wells to meet the typical daily demand of the village.

The Village of Oak Brook runs all the wells and performs sampling on a regular basis to ensure the well water is potable and safe. If the water supply from Lake Michigan becomes compromised in any way, the Village of Oak Brook can operate these deep wells and provide our facility with clean water.

Q-Tech Communications Water Redundancy


Q-Tech Communications secure, high-tech office building is located in Oak Brook, IL. Our Chicagoland facility is an ideal location for Workplace Recovery and Disaster Recovery situations. Located 25 miles outside of downtown Chicago, this site is designed to meet all of your high-tech and security requirements.


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