Q-Tech Communications Reliability

The Highest Level of Reliability

Our data centers offer strong physical security features including 24-hour alarm monitoring with security breach alarms, video surveillance, biometric scanners and strict need to access policies. They also include, dry pipe pre-action fire suppression systems and uninterrupted AC power. Within the facility, we are able to deliver the highest level of reliability through redundant sub-systems; diverse Telco provisioning, fully redundant power and backup generator.

Telco Vendor Neutral, and Cross-Connect Free

Q-Tech Communications Oak Brook facility is vendor neutral and cross-connect free. Customers can choose who they want to provide their telecommunications, allowing the customer to leverage against their existing agreements with their Telco providers. Fiber providers in the Q-Tech facility are AT&T, Verizon, Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), Vinakom, Castle Crown Fiber (Lightower), Comcast Fiber and more. Each Telco provider uses a different discreet entrance into the facility. Other carriers can be brought in to meet customer requirements such as Level 3/CenturyLink.

Q-Tech Communications Telco Vendor Neutral
Q-Tech Communications Disaster Recovery

Prepared For The Worst

  • Multiple power grids, on different sub-stations.
  • UPS protection for the data center.
  • Diesel generator able to provide power to the facility for more than 72 hours with contracts in place for refueling in the case of extended outages.
  • Q-Tech data centers feature fire detection and suppression systems, based on a combination of advanced warning and dry-pipe, pre-action fire suppression sprinklers. Smoke and high-temperature heat detectors eliminate the accidental dispensing of water.
  • Q-Tech facilities are custom designed with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones.


Q-Tech Communications secure, high-tech office building is located in Oak Brook, IL. Our Chicagoland facility is an ideal location for Workplace Recovery and Disaster Recovery situations. Located 25 miles outside of downtown Chicago, this site is designed to meet all of your high-tech and security requirements.


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2115 Butterfield Rd
Oak Brook, IL 60523


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