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About Q-Tech Communications

Workplace Recovery Solutions Since 1987

Q-Tech Communications is a company that specializes in providing dedicated custom solutions for the financial community, and other mission-critical, high availability clients. This allows our customers to focus on their core competencies in today’s demanding and ever-changing marketplace. The experts from Q-Tech have confronted the unique demands of today’s mission critical, high availability clientele, in which maximum uptime is an absolute necessity. Through our experienced support staff, Q-Tech offers a personalized service offering to help satisfy the exact needs of your business.

From the time you pass through our card access barrier gates and proceed to our security checkpoint with an iris reader security portal, our top-notch security measures are apparent. Our facility is on two separate power grids and has access to two separate water supplies. We have thought about all the things that could go wrong so you can focus on your business when you’re needed the most.


Q-Tech Communications secure, high-tech office building is located in Oak Brook, IL. Our Chicagoland facility is an ideal location for Workplace Recovery and Disaster Recovery situations. Located 25 miles outside of downtown Chicago, this site is designed to meet all of your high-tech and security requirements.


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2115 Butterfield Rd
Oak Brook, IL 60523


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